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Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thin? 

A packed schedule, feeling that you will miss an opportunity if you don’t say “yes”, feeling guilty if you say “no”, feeling unimportant or insignificant if you aren’t “busy”. We can all agree these are very common and relatable feelings. We live in a society that considers “busy-ness” a talking point and we hold busy people to a higher value. So, we push ourselves to be busy ~ to be important. But, there are repercussions of being overworked and overscheduled. According to WebMD overworking yourself can lead to health issues, such as stroke, heart disease, mental health problems, diabetes, and abnormal heart rhythms.

So, how do we know we are overworked and how do we stop ourselves from doing it. Here is a great article that lays out the 6 signs that you are overscheduled, the consequences, and what to do about changing your habits.

Our biggest piece of advice (which we need to follow as well) live your life for yourself. Don’t worry about impressing that random friend on Facebook, don’t worry about gaining that approval from acquaintances, co-workers, or people in general. In most cases, those are unattainable goals and in reality, you will never feel satisfied until you are doing the things that make YOU happy. Release yourself from the things you don’t need to do. Say “no” sometimes for your own mental health and try to slow things down to enjoy the beautiful life you have already built.

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