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The Importance of Keeping a Daily Schedule

As an entrepreneur, it is important to keep yourself organized and focused. Studies have shown that planning a daily routine helps with productivity, as well as, your work-life balance. A work-life balance is important to have so that you don’t get burned out from working too much. It is also important to have a routine so that you can get the most out of your day and be productive.

If you’re not used to setting and sticking to a schedule, it can be tough to get started. But trust us, it’s worth it! By using a schedule you be able to prioritize your tasks, make you more efficient with your time, and help reduce your stress levels. Setting boundaries for yourself and others will also become easier. In the long term, you’ll build habits that defeat procrastination and make you feel like you have more hours in the day. So don’t be discouraged.

It is suggested that you make your daily plan the night before you go to bed. This will help your mind rest knowing that you have a plan of attack for the next day. By taking a few minutes to review your schedule and to-do list, you can avoid the stress of worrying about forgetting something important. Additionally, you can use this time to consider any potential obstacles that might come up and how you will deal with them. Having a solid plan in place will help you feel more confident and in control as you head into the new day.

When setting your schedule we suggest you use the the 52/17 rule. Work for 52 minutes and give yourself a 17-minute mental break. The theory is that “downtime replenishes attention and motivation, creativity and productivity“. You can learn more about the 52/17 rule from and how it has actually made people more productive

There are plenty of ways to create your schedule – you should always write it down (or type it) DON’T RELY ON YOUR MEMORY! You can put it on your phone or tablet, write on your calendar or in your planner, have a designated whiteboard, or you can download our Daily Schedule for FREE! WCE designed this daily planner with a section for an hourly schedule, today’s goals and important tasks, a section to take note of the week at a glance, and a section to right down your gratitude for the day. You can download this free worksheet by clicking the image or button below.

We hope this helped and that our worksheet will assist you in achieving your daily and long-term goals!! And please check out WCE’s other Small Business Resources.

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