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Daily Gratitude in 5 Minutes a Day with Free Printable Worksheet

With Thanksgiving so close we always tend to start thinking about gratitude. We feel that focusing on what you are thankful for at the beginning of each day it helps you project a positive mindset throughout the rest of the day. And you might be thinking ~ what does this have to do with being an entrepreneur?! As an entrepreneur we can let our own thoughts get in the way of our goals, we overthink things, we focus on others’ successes instead of our own, and we can let negative thoughts rule our day. 

Here at WCE we have created a Gratitude Worksheet Bundle that is an exercise you can do each day to help you create a more positive mindset. And the best part ~ it’s FREE to Download! Yay!

There are 2 steps to the daily The Gratitude Worksheet. The first worksheet (Daily Gratitude) will be the one you fill out in the morning. You will answer all of the prompts to get your mind focused on the positive and what you are thankful for! You will also think of what you will want to accomplish that day. Remember, always be realistic or you will just let yourself down and demotivate yourself.  

The second worksheet is your Gratitude Reflection and will be completed in the evening after your day is over. You will reflect on the day, how you handled stresses, and what you can look forward to tomorrow. These worksheets should take you about 5 minutes each to reflect on and fill out!

We also have a bonus worksheet ~ we know a BONUS worksheet in a FREE bundle?! WCE is in the giving mood!

The bonus worksheet is a Monthly Worksheet that you will return to throughout the month.  You will take note of the little things that brought you joy throughout the month, who or what you are grateful for each day, and what were things that made you proud throughout the month. Treat it like a documentation of the little things in life ~ the ones we tend to forget about when we are having a bad day.

Now that we have walked you through what you can expect with these worksheets it’s time for you to download the bundle! You can do so by clicking the button or the image below!

Gratitude in life is so important and we hope that you find this download helpful. Here at WCE we are always here to help!  For more tips and free downloads please browse through our other Articles. You can also become a FREE member of WCE and get access to our hidden Member resource page that is full of INSTANT and free downloads, other great resources that will help you run your business, and get up-to-date information on our upcoming events! To join for free or to take look at our premium memberships go to the Membership tab here on our website or click below!

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