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How to Create a Cohesive Social Media Presence for Your Business with a Free Social Media Clean-Up Checklist Download

We’ve said it before and we will say it again ~ owning a business can be overwhelming! There is so much to keep track of that is usually outside your own wheelhouse as a business owner. One of the issues that we see entrepreneurs struggle with (and we also are speaking from personal experience) is social media. And not necessarily posting or content creating, but making sure that ALL social media platforms that your business is listed on are clean, updated with the most current contact information, and clearly expressing what the business currently offers.

Cleaning up all your social media platforms can be time-consuming and a big undertaking. WCE created a Social Media Clean-up Checklist to simplify and streamline this task! The checklist is simple to use ~ most (but not all) social media platforms have their own box on the worksheet filled with items pertaining specifically to that platform, Facebook being the most in-depth. All you will need to do is sign into your account on each platform and use WCE’s checklist as a guide to making sure all of the items listed are up-to-date! If you have a platform that isn’t listed just use one of the platforms that are listed as a guide when editing that specific platform.

Before you start editing we do suggest you write out a couple quick descriptions of your business similar to (or can be) your mission statement. One needs to be a little longer that can explain more in-depth about your business (used on Facebook). Another one needs to be a shorter summary that will be used for the bio on platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Both need to be cohesive and explain what your business does and what problem it solves.

We also want you to really think of what your handle/user names are for each of these platforms. Do they match? Or is one Missy_Loves_Clothes and the other platform is MissysCloset? They need to be cohesive as possible and we suggest that you keep it simple and just use the name of your business. This leads us to the next questions to ask yourself. Can your handle/user name easily be found by the client or customer or more importantly is it easily tag-able? For instance, if your business is Easy Auto Repair, but your handle is WeLoveToFixCars or TheEasyPlaceAutoRepair since the handle/user name doesn’t match your business name it’s going to make it harder for your clients or fellow small business owners to find you and tag you on their posts. You want people talking about your amazing business and making a buzz about you ~ make it easy for them, keep your handle/user name simple and as close to your business name as possible. 

That is it! That’s all we needed to explain about our simple Clean-up Checklist. 

You’re ready to start cleaning up your social media platforms with WCE’s Social Media Clean-Up Checklist Worksheet! Click HERE or click the picture for the FREE download!

Click here for your FREE Social Media Clean-Up

We hope this helped! Our goal here at WCE is to help you find ways to make your business life easier! If you have any questions please contact us at And if you did find this helpful….please don’t miss any of our upcoming virtual workshops! You can find them by clicking below!


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