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How The Rose, Thorn, Bud Activity Can Help You Lead A More Positive Life

It’s easy to let the thorns in our life overshadow the roses. But what if we took a moment to reflect on the positive moments of our day? The “Rose, Thorn, Bud” activity is a great way to do this. When you take the time to reflect on your day you’ll lead a more positive life. You’ll be able to see the good moments, learn from the bad moments, and set yourself up for a better tomorrow.

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5 Ways to Find Your Network as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur building and maintaining your network is extremely important. Not only do you need this network of other entrepreneurs and business owners to help you build your client base, your network can be your go-to for support. As we have said before being a entrepreneur can be a lonely gig. It is so… Continue reading 5 Ways to Find Your Network as an Entrepreneur