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Grow Your Business with the Marketing Rule of 7

Have you ever heard of the Rule of 7? If you’re in marketing you sure have! If not, the Rule of 7 is a “marketing principle that states that your prospects or clients need to see or come across your offer or business at least seven times before they really notice it and start to take action.” 

So, that means your client isn’t even going to consider you until they have heard your name or seen something about you AT LEAST seven times! 

What does this mean for you? It means you need to be creative and find ways to get yourself and your business name out there! Use the tools and resources that are available to you, be active, and engage on social media. Expand your network and use new resources to help spread the word about you and your business. Don’t be scared to pay for advertising, it works! You want to make sure you are seen not just by people you know, but by a whole new audience. By using well-established outlets on social media and other media publications you will be able to expand your marketing channel.

So, let’s go over what you should focus on to utilize the marketing rule of 7!


I think this is a topic we talk a lot about here at WCE and that is because it is extremely important. You need to know that not everyone is going to be your customer. You have an ideal target market, and once you figure out what yours is we guarantee that your business will flourish. It seems silly to think if you narrow your market you will get MORE clients, but it’s true. If you narrow your focus to who REALLY wants your product or service you can speak to them more directly. 



Your business doesn’t need to be EVERYWHERE ~ you need to present where your ideal client spends their time (hence why it’s important to know who is your ideal client). Let’s say you sell custom phone cases and your ideal client is girls ages 14-20. You don’t want to waste too much time on Facebook….you’re ideal client doesn’t hang out on Facebook. Girls 14-20 are on TikTok. I can’t count the number of times my teenage daughter has sent me links to products she wants after seeing it on TikTok!

This isn’t limited to social media either. Another idea to keep in mind when thinking of where to advertise is to be local. Sponsor a youth sports team, get involved with a charity or an event ~ take advantage of multiple marketing channels.  


No matter what marketing channels you choose make sure you are consistently active. Really when you think of the Rule of 7 it really is encouraging you to be consistent. Be vocal about your business. The more you post, the more you interact, the more you show up in person the more your business will be seen by more and more people.


Take advantage of social media’s paid ads and boosts. They have it so you can set your ideal target market. That means your business post will end up on your ideal client’s newsfeed! Google ads work the same way. Someone searches for something that is similar to your business, Google will place your ad at the top of their search! 

Paid ads aren’t just on social media. You can do the research and find out where your target market hangs out. If your target market is moms, try buying a banner on a mommy blog website or have them do an influencer post. You can also use this with local opportunities as well. Check to see if there are local magazines or organizations where you can purchase ads or even do paid partnerships. The possibilities are almost endless. 

But make sure to…..


Keep track of where your customers are coming from! You might think one channel is the best way to market yourself, but after looking at your analytics and insights you might find you’re wasting your time and money. When you get a new client ask them how they heard about you. Start collecting data so that you know where to be and you aren’t spreading yourself or your pocketbook too thin.

Marketing is essential for a successful business and learning how to market your business in a strategic and smart way is key. Remember that being everywhere is not necessary, being where your target market can be reached is much more important. And the tips above are a great way to start in the right direction of finding new and better ways to reach your target market. WCE has other articles and training resources that can help you even further. 

Check out our Marketing Plan Template. 

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✔️ Sales Goals and Action Plan Worksheet

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✔️ Marketing Summary Worksheet

✔️Target Market Worksheet

✔️Marketing Goals and Action Plan Worksheet

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Another article that will help is on How to Collaborate with Brands!

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