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5 Ways to Get More Clients

When starting a business we usually worry first about the product or service that we are going to provide our customers or clients. We make sure all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed when it comes to what we do. We get our logo prepared, or services in line, any packaging, documents, our website running, promo items printed, and anything & everything else that is involved with starting a business. We launch it ~ and then we realize we don’t have much of a clientele to serve!! Here at WCE we have put together 5 simple ideas that you can execute to find more clients.


Ask your current clients to give you a shout-out or ask them to write a review on social media. It’s easy for them and influencer marketing is one of the most successful. If you don’t have current clients ask a friend (that you’ve done work for) to write the review or give the shout-out!  Remember people aren’t thinking about you and your business as much as you are (or at all) so you need to ask for help!


This one seems obvious and it might seem impossible during COVID-19, but it isn’t! There are lots of ways to network online! You can become more active in local Facebook groups ~ and not just one of them! Be active in all of them or most of them. Most likely people are in the same groups and if they see you in more than one group they will get to know you more and faster. Be remember ~ be genuine, be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not just to get clients, fake shows. You can also find online events that are going on right now ~ either networking events or fun community-based ones!


Show the world that you are a leader in your industry! Book a speaking engagement for a local event, reach out to be a guest blogger, inquire about being on a podcast, or do an Instagram takeover with another local business owner! Let people know that you know your stuff!!


You can collaborate with other business owners to help each other gain more clients. Clients aren’t the only ones that’s can give referrals ~ other business owners can help you with that too! And don’t be scared to befriend the business owners in your industry! You might think they are the enemy, but they’re not! There are enough clients to go around and if they have an overabundance of clients wouldn’t you like to be their referral?? 


This is the most important one! Not everyone is your client! If you market to everyone you will run yourself too thin and come up empty. Here is a great blog post about Tips on Finding Your Ideal Client from one of our speakers for WCE:

Let us know what you think of these tips! And let us know how we can help you!!!

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