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Tips for Working At Home for Moms

Working from home seems like the most ideal situation especially if you are a mom. What could go wrong, right?! You get to be with your kids 24/7 all while keeping your career! If you’re a Work from home mom I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes by now. If you’re not just know that was pure sarcasm.

Working from home can be convenient, but can also be difficult because of all the distracts that occur inside the home. Then adding kids to the mix can make it feel nearly impossible at times. Here at WCE we have put together so great tips you can easily implement to help you work more efficiently at home.

1. Have a Schedule

Whether you make a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule it is important to have one. A schedule sets guidelines for how you want the day to go and is a reference for you to keep you on track throughout the day.

Tip: Make a weekly overview schedule on Sunday and then a detailed hourly/daily schedule each day. Things are changing by the minute, but a weekly overview of what needs to get done during the week is important. And then creating a daily schedule the night before is the best way to stay on top of what is important each day. To help with the weekly schedule download your kids’ school schedule for the week to help set YOUR schedule. We don’t mean put their schedule over yours, just see if they have any online conferences they need to be live for and put those on the weekly schedule and do the same with yours, and with anyone else working in the house too.

2. Time Block Your Day

Define the times of day YOU are going to work.  If you don’t do this you will be working at all hours of the day and night and you’ll be stressed that you’re not getting your stuff done and you won’t be in the mindset to help your kids.

Breakdown on Time blocking: Look at the overview of your family’s tasks for the week on your weekly schedule and start time blocking your daily schedule.  Schedule everyone’s most important stuff first and then work your way through the not so important things that can wait until later or the next day. Make a family schedule that works for YOUR FAMILY. If your kids work better in the morning and then fade out after lunch – have them do a big chunk of work in the morning! If they are night owls this is not the time to fight that! Let them do most of their school work in the afternoon. Don’t forget to schedule in breaks throughout the day for everyone! Work for 30-40 minutes at time, take breaks, and remember to schedule in lunch.

Tip: Working early in the morning before the kids get up is a great time to work. Even if you are not an early riser try to get up at least an hour before the kids do. This is a great way to get a lot of work done and get time to yourself to start your day off right. Or if THEY are early risers maybe schedule some of your work after dinner. Let dad take the kids on a walk so you can get some quiet time to work!

Here is a link for WCE’s  daily schedule template that  you can print out for free!

3. Delegate the Workload

Your home is not YOUR sole responsibility. If your kids have a school schedule then they are old enough to have chores. Have them clean the kitchen after lunch or empty the dishwasher. Have them switch the laundry over or fold their clothes. This is a perfect time for kids to learn these tasks! If your kids aren’t old enough and you have a significant other ~ delegate work to them! Figure out the most tedious chores and split them between the two of you! One person does the laundry for the week, the other does the dishes! Also, you can delegate outside of the house! We know there is a quarantine right now, but there are people that you can hire that can grocery shop for you.  Or you can plan a week ahead on the groceries and do curbside! If you chose to do either of these remember to sanitize bags and groceries before bringing them into your house.

Tip: If you are finding it hard to get the chores done add these to the daily/hourly schedule. Have the schedule posted on the fridge so EVERYONE can see what needs to get done!

4. Designate Your Work Area

Not only is this important so your family knows where your office is, it gives YOU the mindset you are AT WORK and that it’s not time to be a mom, it’s time to get work done.

Tip: Have areas of the house designated for different things. If there is a need for a quiet spot for virtual meetings maybe make the Master bedroom the “conference room” because the door can be shut. Maybe the kitchen is where group work happens ~ Kids can all be working on schoolwork while you are making lunch so you can be available if they have questions. Involve the family, it will be fun for them to set up the house like an office or school AND it will help set boundaries! If they know that a certain room is the “conference room” then they’ll know you are doing something important and maybe they won’t bother you! ~ Wishful thinking, we know! Haha!

We hope this helps. And just remember you’re not Wonder Woman! Do the best you can and don’t be so hard on yourself. This is not a time to add stress to yourself or your family. Take one day at a time!

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