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Organizing Your Visual Brand ~ Free Canva Template

There is so much that goes into running a small business that it can be very overwhelming. Some may look at the title of this and freak out because they feel like that don’t have a creative bone in their body. Well, keep reading! Here at WCE we do what we can to lighten the load and give you the tools to create the business you have been dreaming of no matter your current skill set. Creating a visual brand can be tedious and calling on a professional is something that we recommend. But, we also know that hiring a professional isn’t always in the budget for a small business. So, we have put together a Canva template for you to quickly organize how you want your business to be seen!

First step…let’s go over what a Visual Brand entails. Your visual brand consists of design elements that include color, shape, fonts, textures, etc. Your brand is used on all your marketing material and outlets, such as, your business cards, pamphlets, social media content, videos, etc. You want to be consistent in your visual branding so that people can make a connection to your business. When they see an image that you post you want them to think of your business even before they see that it is posted by you! You can achieve this recognition by being consistent in your visual brand.

In the Canva template that WCE has created we have you pick colors, fonts, and create a mood board. The mood board will consist of images that depict the textures, shapes and feeling you want your business to portray. Even though we have colors and font list first on the worksheet, we believe starting with the mood board is best. Getting the feel of what you want will make selecting the colors so much easier especially in Canva.

Before you download the template you will need to create a free or Pro account which you can do by clicking the button below.

Now that you have your account created we want you to download WCE’s template before we dive too deep into how to use the template!

As we stated before we suggest that you start this template with your mood board. To find images for your mood board click the photos tab on the left side of your Canva workspace. Start scrolling through the images until you see images that resonate with you and you feel could represent your business. They don’t need to have the content or products that you sell, just go by the imagery, texture, shapes, and colors that connect with you.

You can browse trending images as in the video above or you can use the photo search bar to search specific images or colors that you want to use with your branding.

After you get the images for your mood board selected move to the top of the template to pick out the colors that you want for your brand. These colors don’t all have to be used in every image you use for your marketing. But, still choose a variety of colors that work well together and that will help you gain brand recognition.

To change the colors click on one of the white square under the color section of the template. You can change the color by clicking on the color icon above the design to the left (it is a square with a gradient rainbow in it). Since you picked your mood board images first, Canva will give you suggested colors based on the colors in those images! You can use the colors suggested or pick your own, but remember to stay within the same color value and saturation. You don’t want to mix neon colors with pastels! After you pick your color you can add the color hex code under the newly colored squares. To find your color hex code you will:
1. click on your colored square
2. click on the color icon (the gradient rainbow one)
3. click on the gradient rainbow icon with the plus sign in the middle
4. copy and paste the letter/number combination that is next to the #

You can also use the Styles tab/icon on the left side of your Canva Workspace (under the photos icon) to get color, as well as, font suggestions from Canva.

Next and the final item on the Template is choosing your fonts. If you have a logo already you may already have fonts picked out which is great! You will just need to select the font name under the words “Font Name” and change that font to your desired font. To find a font click on the words you want to change (either the font name or the alphabet) and click on the word that appears on the upper left side of the Canva workspace (where the color icon appeared in the previous step). Click on the dropdown menu where you can browse different fonts to use. We suggest one serif or sans serif font and one script or cursive font, but you can do what ever suits your brand best! A serif font and a sans serif font used together is a great option too! You can also search different types of fonts with the search bar above the listed fonts.

Once you have completed all of the sections of the template download and print out your organized visual brand! Keep it by your desk so when you are creating content you will remember what you want your business brand to look like. Canva is great way to create content for your business, it streamlines the designs to make it easy even you don’t have a design background!

Please stay tuned for WCE’s hands-on Canva workshop coming Fall of 2022! It will be day full of learning Canva, improving your visual brand with a design expert, and you will walk away with tangible designs that you can use to promote and launch your business to the next level!

In the meantime, check out WCE’s On-Demand Education! We have topics covering all aspects of running a business. You can find them HERE!

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Like we said before our goal here at WCE is helping you find ways to make your business life easier! If you have any questions please contact us at And remember WCE always has your back!


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