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Free Download ~ Create Copy for Your ADs Worksheet

We say it time and time again ~ Owning a business can be overwhelming to say the least. If you are a sole entrepreneur all of the tasks fall onto you! You are not only providing the product or services that your business offers you are also the customer service rep, the accountant, the sales department, operations manager, the IT department, and the marketing department ~ just to name a few. Here are WCE we are always striving to help relieve some of this stress from you by providing tools that can help streamline your work. That is why we developed this free worksheet to help you construct an outline of your product or services so that you can easily come up with great copy for your social media, print, or even radio ads!!

WCE’s Create Copy for Your ADs Worksheet is very simple to use and will help you organize your ideas and thoughts to help you express better what your product or service is to your potential clients and customers. We have also broken the worksheet into two separate pages ~ one for products and one for services.

How it works ~ you start off by answering some basic questions such as: what is your product or service? How does it help people? Where or how can it be purchased? You then move on to brainstorming key descriptive words that best describe your product or service. After that, you move on to thinking about your target audience ~ who are they and what do they like? Finally, you put all of your answers together to form copy that will give you potential customers or clients a perfect overview of your product or service!

It is important to think about each question. When we own a business and we are involved in it 24/7 it is hard to step back and explain what we do without leaving out the simple facts. Each of the questions we provided will help you go back to the basics to help easily explain your goods. Our suggestion is to use the “where/how do they purchase your product or service” question as to the Call to Action. Many times we see amazing posts, but we have no idea where to go to purchase the product or how to get in touch with the business to begin service. Make sure to have your call to action clear and links are working!

With all that said we are sure that you are ready to dive deep into making your copy! You can click the button or the image below to get your free download now!


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