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Free Holiday Monthly Social Media Marketing Planner to Grow Your Business

Last week we wrote an article about 15 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business to be Successful. Since it is only September we know that some people were confused by us talking about the holidays already! But, as we said in the last post it is essential to be ahead of your marketing especially during the holiday season! And to us, the Holidays start in October. People love fall and there are such great opportunities to connect with your current clients and customers, as well as, capture new ones. This week we are expanding on one our ideas from the list of fifteen and that is….social media. We cover social media a lot here at Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs, but it’s because it is a great (and cheap) way for small businesses to market and advertise to their current and potential clients and customers.

If you have been following WCE you may have noticed that we like to give you free printable downloads and resources as much as we can. Well, today is no different – We have designed a Holiday Monthly Social Media Marketing Planner for you! This download is super easy to use and will get you organized and focused so you can be ready to take on the Holiday Season. But, before we get ahead of ourselves we need explain how to use the planner so you can get the most out of the download.

First things first….you can download for free the Holiday Monthly Marketing Planner by clicking the image or the button below.

Now that you have it downloaded you can print it out and follow a long with the best way to execute this planner! 

To start we are actually going to go to the bottom of the worksheet/planner! You will see that we left several spaces for you to take note of the goals you want to achieve during the months of October, November, and December. It is essential that you don’t skip the step of setting you goals!! This is true no matter if you just started your business 10 months ago or if you been in business for 10 years. You need to continue to set goals for yourself and your business so that you not only know what the next steps are, but you will also have metrics to know if you are heading in the right direction. If you don’t set goals you will be easily distracted by the first thing that comes along…believe us we speak from experience. 

So, set your goals. Not sure what goals to set? Maybe you want to onboard 3 new clients, or you want 15 new subscribers to your email list, or you have a surplus of inventory that you want to create a sale for, you might want to do a Facebook Live sale, or you just want to create brand awareness. Write each of your goals down that go with the month(s) you want to achieve it in. One month might only have one goal another might have three. What ever you do make sure that you keep these goals reasonable and achievable. 

Once you have your goals in mind you can move to the “theme” section. We included this on the planner because we truly believe having a theme for the week helps keep our social media posts on topic and targeted. The best way to come up with a theme is to use your goals! So, by themes we mean – what major ideas do you want to get across this week? Make sure to keep in mind all the sales or discounts you are planning to have for the week and month too. 

Now lastly, move onto the daily squares…what posts can you create to get these ideas and goals to come to fruition? For example: If you are planning to do a Facebook Live Sale in the month of October plot out when that Live is going to be. Then schedule the daily posts that you are going to advertise about the live sale. Make sure to have fun with this daily post step and to keep in mind that every post doesn’t have to be all business. You can have fun and be personable. You want to have posts that give info about your business, but also create posts that are fun, interactive, and informative. You can do creative things like posting holiday crafts, recipes, articles, or even free printables you have made for your customers. All of these things help with interaction and in turn your business will be be seen by more people.

As we said, this worksheet is super easy to use! The most important take away from this article and our download is to plan ahead! Even if you don’t set a bunch of goals for yourself and you aren’t too keen on the themes – just plan those posts! Get them planned and scheduled so you that you can focus on running your business this holiday season!

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