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Steps to Creating a Cohesive Brand

Creating a brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes strategic planning and consistency to achieve real brand recognition. Most large corporations have teams of employees that make up their marketing department who have strong communication and design skills. But, as small business owner our guess is you have YOU. No need to panic. Here at Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs we create tools and resources to help you through these areas of your non-expertise so that you can focus more on what you do best!

We’re going to dive right in and help you build the frame work of your brand. To establish a cohesive brand you will need create the 3 V’s of Branding for your business’:

  • Visual Identity
  • Voice
  • Value

Visual Identity/Brand

Your visual identity or your visual brand is probably the first thing your potential customers or clients will see. Think of when you’re at the book store and you’re not sure what book you want so you start browsing. You of course look at the titles of the books, but you are also drawn to certain covers too. The artwork on the book gives you an idea of not only what the book is about, but also the author. It also can you give a sense of what the feel of the book is going to be. This is the same for YOUR visual brand. The images or content you put out to the public opens a window to what your company is all about.

Last week we created a template for you to brainstorm and organize your visual brand! In that article we discussed visual elements, such as, colors, shapes, fonts, textures, etc. If you missed that article and free template here it is:

Our Canva template will definitely help you organize how you want your business to look and feel.


Your business’ voice is what message you send out into the world! It’s the personality of your business and how it communicates with your audience. It’s no different than how the people in your lives speak! Everyone you know has a certain way of speaking and if you know them well you can usually guess how they will react or say something. Same goes for your brand. Your voice brand will help make that emotional connection with your audience. If you voice or tone matches theirs they will begin to trust you. One way to find your business’ voice is to know your target market or ideal client.

To find your Target Market use WCE’s Target Market Worksheet inside our Free Marketing Plan Bundle!

With Target Market worksheet, we have you dive deep into your target market. What is the age range, gender, employment status, educational background, where do they live? Once you get to know your Ideal Customer you will begin to find your voice as a business and you will know what your audience wants to hear. Knowing your value will also help you with finding your business’ voice.


Your brand value is your business’ mission or the things your business stands for. Your value creates an experience that matters to you and it should matter to your ideal client too. Your values is what ultimately comes through in your voice and your visual. A great place to start with finding your values as a business is to start with your mission statement or your boiler plate. Use this quick template to come up with a one sentence statement that defines your business:
{Business name} creates {offering} to help {target audience} {solve a problem} with {distinguishing characteristic}

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to discover your business’ values and mission:
Why did I start my business?
What are my personal values?
What are my ideal customer’s values?
Do these values align?
How can I put these values into practice?

Once you have your values go back and make sure your visual and your voice align with with the overall feel you’ve created and make sure it is cohesive. From here you have a great groundwork for your business’ brand and you now can create cohesive content and copy that depict your brand and will help you gain brand recognition. We of course have resources for creating content and copy! To help with content ideas you can reference our Monthly Social Media Post Idea Guides and our daily, weekly, and monthly planners. We also have a worksheet that helps you create copy for your ads! The best part is they are all free! You can find all the links below:

If you found this helpful you can find more free downloads, tips and articles HERE. Become a member of WCE and get access to all of our downloads and resources instantly, as well as, free networking & mastermind events, and discounts on workshops! We have memberships for as low as $20 a month! You can join by clicking the button below!

Our goal here at WCE is helping you find ways to make your business life easier! If you have any questions please contact us at And remember WCE always has your back!

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