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How To Change Your Mindset In 15 Minutes A Day: A Free Worksheet

Last week we dove into the importance of entrepreneurs and small business owners having a growth mindset verses a fixed mindset. With a fixed a mindset you feel that you have success because of your inherent skills. On the contrary, a growth mindset is where you know that through hard work and consistency anyone can achieve their goals, no matter the talents they possess currently.

We also created a short list of growth based mindsets that we think are critical to have if you want to improve your small business and be successful.

7 Growth Mindsets to be a Successful Entrepreneur:

  1. Believe in YOURSELF
  2. Learn From Your Mistakes and Be Accountable
  3. Don’t be Envious of Others ~ Learn from Them!
  4. Surround Yourself with Positive People
  5. Lose the Idea of Being Perfect
  6. Be Willing to Take Risks
  7. Be Consistent

In our last article we explained in detail what we mean by each of those statements. But, is that enough? It is one thing to know growth mindsets and it is a completely different reality to actually incorporate those mindsets into your daily life! Changing your mindset is NOT something that can be done overnight. In many cases you will have to UN-learn many bad habits that were instilled in us for years or in many cases, decades. Since we know this is not easy we came up with a Free Daily Growth Mindset Template that will help you create new habits and help you begin to change your mindset.

WCE’s Daily Growth Mindset Template is very straight forward. On the template there are separate morning question prompts that are do be done shortly after you wake up. You want to make sure this is done before the hectic part of your morning begins. If chaos ensues immediately when you wake up you may want to think about setting your alarm for just 15 minutes earlier. Try to be the first one up, so you have time to use this worksheet and reflect.

You also will see there are morning reminders or mantras for you to tell yourself before you start your writing – keep these in mind when writing your answers. In the evening, there are also three question prompts. These are a reflection of the day and how you want to set yourself up for tomorrow.

To get the free download all you need to do is press the button or image below!

WCE’s Daily Growth Mindset Template should not take more than 5 minutes in the morning and 5-10 minutes in the evening. We suggest you set a timer so that you don’t get carried away. This is like any new habit that you are trying to succeed in – consistency is key! If you try to do too much at first chances are you won’t stick with it. So, start simple and keep this journaling to no more than 15 minutes for the whole day.

Having a growth mindset is not as easy. There will be days when you are feeling on top of the world and other days you will feel like the biggest fraud and failure. With this template and some consistency the days of feeling like a fraud should lessen. You will start to see yourself in a different light with more positivity and growth.

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~Ali & Melissa


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